Congratulations on your new job!  Having a new opportunity is challenging and exciting. Sometimes, it’s coping with additional responsibilities. Many times, this involves perceiving yourself and your role in new ways. Let’s assess your strengths and areas for improvement. Let’s decide what it takes to succeed in your new role. Let’s practice together until you begin to feel more comfortable doing new things.

New Job


Melanie has an extraordinary perception of what makes people tick and an endearing ability to bring out the best in others. These talents are rooted in her deep desire to understand and empathize with others and her positive outlook on life and humanity. She possesses a wellspring of compassion, wisdom, hope, and energy which she draws on to help others. In preparing for a challenging new career position, she helped me better understand myself, my strengths, and desires. Her guidance prepared me to develop a clear vision of what I wanted and how I wanted to portray myself. Not only did I get the new position, I felt an exuberance in the confidence that Melanie's belief in me had instilled.

Monica Miley