New Career


When you are deciding what you want to do next, it can be helpful to have someone to help you expand your thinking.  What do you do extraordinarily well?  Where has most of your success and satisfaction come from in your life?  What do you want to do more of?  Using assessments of your personality styles and strengths, we can begin to find new directions for your talents and gifts.  We can also assess “transferable skills” so that you can take your existing experience and convince others (and yourself!) that you have what it takes to succeed in a new career.

To meet with Melanie is like walking through a door to a new world of opportunities.  Like a good teacher or mentor, Melanie is so comfortable with the skill of helping people match their interests and experience to potential paid work that it flows naturally from her. 


Meeting with Melanie reminded me that it is not only possible but certainly beneficial to find work that matches our skills and interests. 

Elva Macias