Modeling the way. Inspiring a shared vision. Enabling others to act. Challenging the process. Encouraging the heart. These are five best practices of leaders identified by Kouzes and Posner in their work, The Leadership Challenge.  On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 = fabulous), how would you rate yourself?  And how would others rate you?  And who are your greatest inspirations? Though you no doubt have leaders that you wish to emulate, I encourage you to develop your authentic style.  This is your greatest strength as a leader.

Melanie’s coaching helped me identify tangible and relevant opportunities during my career search. She provided expert critique of my resume and mindset as I explored new career opportunities, making me more self-assured through greater awareness of my skill sets. Melanie helped me pinpoint my values and beliefs so that when the right opportunity presented itself, I confidently navigated through the process of beginning new employment that was a great match for me.

Ron Guillard