Career Transition


Being between jobs can be a scary and confusing place.  Most often, the overwhelming feelings come from a lack of direction and sense of structure and purpose. In a job transition, your job is to find a job!  With the support of coaching, you can develop a sense of purpose by structuring your search and your daily routine.  As your coach, I can help you determine your general direction.  Then, we can focus on how well you market yourself on paper, in person and over the phone.  Career transition coaching will restore your confidence in your own competence to find the next position in your wonderful career.

I am thrilled to recommend Melanie Trudeau!  Her services have been invaluable to me both professionally and personally.  Melanie is very methodical about her career coaching and breaks the segments down in very manageable portions for her clients, focusing on their individual needs and goals. She asks very insightful questions to promote discussion and growth.  Melanie excels at helping you organize your skills and experience to create a personal marketing plan to fast-track your career transition.  I leave her sessions feeling energized, empowered and motivated.  I believe Melanie's services are useful to anyone from a new college graduate searching for their first job to a seasoned professional looking for a promotion or career change.

Drue DaSilva